PDI International joins the Safer Disinfectant Network (SDN)

Categories: Articles, Environment of Care, Healthcare & Press Release November 10, 2021
safer disinfectant network

The Safer Disinfectant Network (SDN) is a collaboration with infection prevention experts, leading academics, and manufacturers.  These professionals are committed to ensuring public safety by encouraging high standards of effectiveness within disinfectant products, based on rigorous testing, independent clinical evidence, and clarity on claims of product efficacy.


As members of the SDN, we are primarily focussed on:

  1. Ensuring workplace guidance continues to stress the importance of hand hygiene and surface cleaning/disinfection.
  2. Ensuring hand hygiene and surface disinfection remains prominent in government public health guidance.
  3. Ensuring hand hygiene and surface disinfection remains at the forefront of public consciousness.
  4. Securing a commitment from the Government to introduce and enforce high industry standards – specifically the requirement that products are subject to appropriate testing in accredited laboratories and only make efficacy claims that can be substantiated.
  5. Raising awareness amongst end-users the potential for products to make false or misleading efficacy claims, and to inform end-users as to what they should look for as reassurance of product efficacy.

Jean-Yves is Professor of Pharmaceutical Microbiology at the Cardiff School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences (Cardiff University, Wales) from SDN explains, “The Safer Disinfectant Network (SDN) is a leading voice in infection prevention and control, one committed to protecting the public.”

For more information on how you can campaign for higher standards and greater transparency within the industry, visit https://saferdisinfectantnetwork.com/

About PDI International

PDI International is dedicated to leading the fight against preventable infections in healthcare, foodservice and our communities. Driven by a commitment to research, quality and service, PDI provides innovative products, educational resources, training and support to help prevent infection transmission and promote health and wellness. PDI International has three divisions, PDI Healthcare, Sani Professional, and PDI Contract Manufacturing.