Sani-Cloth® Active

SKU # XP00193, XP00190 & XP00188

Sani-Cloth Active is a Quaternary Ammonium based formulation. Ideal for use cleaning and disinfecting around patients and staff, especially those with respiratory sensitivities.

Sani-Cloth Active are disposable disinfection wipes for non-invasive medical devices and general surfaces.

Accessories & Compliance Tools

Bucket (225 count)

SKU # XP00193

Packaging: 1/225's

Dimensions: 300 x 245 mm

  • Medical Device Class IIa
  • Contains 225 wipes

Large Canister (200 count)

SKU # XP00190

Packaging: 6/200's

Dimensions: 200 x 200 mm

  • Medical Device Class IIa
  • Contains 200 wipes

Small Canister (125 count)

SKU # XP00188

Packaging: 6/125's

Dimensions: 220 x 133 mm

  • Medical Device Class IIa
  • Contains 125 wipes

Point of care accessories and compliance tools