Hygea Hands & Face

SKU # PHF7010, PHF7040, PHF7030 & PHF7020

Hygea Hands & Face are patient care wipes providing optimum skin cleansing that is kind to the skin, leaving it clean and fresh.

  • Enhanced infection prevention: each single-use wipe is disposed of after use, helping to reduce the
    potential for cross-contamination.
  •  Safe to use: dermatologically tested, latex-free, paraben free and alcohol-free causing no skin irritation or
  • Patient-friendly: ready-to-use fragranced wipes promoting independence and dignity.
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small flow wrap

Hygea Hands and Face ( 24 count)

SKU # PHF7010

Packaging: 24/24

Dimensions: 195 x 155mm

  • Cosmetic
  • Lightly fragranced
  • Maceratable
  • 24 wipes
small canister

Hygea Hands and Face (125 count)

SKU # PHF7040

Packaging: 125/6

Dimensions: 185mm x 133mm

  • Cosmetic
  • 125 wipes
  • Fragranced free

Hygea Hands and Face (200 count)

SKU # PHF7030

Packaging: 200/6

Dimensions: 200mm x 195mm

  • Cosmetic
  • 200 wipes
  • Fragranced free
big flow wrap

Hygea Hands and Face (80 count)

SKU # PHF7020

Packaging: 80/12

Dimensions: 195 x 155 mm

  • Cosmetic
  • Maceratable
  • 80 wipes
Product Details
  • Cosmetic
  • Cleansing wipe
  • Pre-moistened wipes are ready to use
Ideal for
  • Cleansing and refreshing, leaving the skin clean and fresh
  • Free from Alcohol, Parabens and Natural Rubber Latex
  • Available with a light, fresh fragrance or fragrance free
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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