Associate Spotlight – Taylor Ziman

Division: PDI Corporate. Department: Communications. June 1, 2021
PDI Associate Spotlight Taylor Ziman, Communications

Learn more about Taylor Ziman, Marketing Communications Specialist, and her experiences as part of the Communications team.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your role at PDI?
Ziman: I am the Marketing Communications Specialist. I am responsible for coordinating and managing the Distributor Marketing Programs in partnership with our National Accounts Team, managing our national publication advertising, and co-leading the planning and execution of our National and Distributor tradeshows and conferences. I am also responsible for creating a PDI-Healthcare focused internal monthly newsletter.

I love how I get to work with associates throughout the company and gain a better understanding of how the business works outside of Marketing. This gives me the opportunity to collaborate with varying levels of expertise, but also gives me a broader perspective and knowledge that I can apply to my own work so I can continue to grow.

Q. What new skills have you learned while working at PDI? How have you developed personally and professionally?
Ziman: I often pause to reflect on how much I’ve learned since I started, and each time I smile because I know I have grown tremendously both personally and professionally and learned a ton since my first day. Much of my role relies on being able to understand the various markets and target audiences related to each project or deliverable, so I have made an effort to immerse myself in what’s going on in the company and be a “sponge”. This has enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of the company and industry and how to market to each demographic, and really get a grasp of where it would be best for PDI to get exposure. I think that knowledge and insight has helped improve my critical thinking skills, and I know in time and with continued experience, I will further develop.

Q. What has been your favorite project / program that you have been able to work on while at PDI?
Ziman: I have really enjoyed working on the variety of projects, but when I think of this question, I always come back to the internal monthly newsletter. This monthly project taps into my creative side, and allows me to experiment with journalism, which is a topic I never knew I liked! My creativity has always been a huge part of my life and interests, so having the ability to be the editor and creator of this newsletter gives me the chance to not only channel my inner artist in a way, but also allows me to collaborate with people across the organization as I gather information each month related to Marketing, Sales, Finance, National Accounts, Health Systems, and more. I look forward to it every month.

Q. Can you provide some insights on your team dynamics / working relationships with colleagues?
Ziman: I love working with the Communications team—they are an extremely talented, intelligent, and supportive group of people who are always looking to help each other when needed. Productivity, efficiency, unity, and collaboration are some words that come to mind when I think of our team. We strive for alignment and consistency across the business, and are always looking for opportunities to build and expand relationships with our partners and customers every day.

Q. What made you decide to join PDI?
Ziman: When I joined PDI, I had just graduated from college, so I was looking for a role that allows me to apply the marketing knowledge I learned in the classroom to the business world, while also being able to incorporate my creativity. And that’s exactly what I found! Not only did I feel like my role was exactly what I was looking for, but also, I felt that PDI was the perfect fit for me. I love how focused PDI is on making a difference in people’s lives and keeping patient safety at the heart of what we do.  As an athlete growing up with many sports injuries, I was always fascinated by the science behind why/how things work. It’s cool to make those connections now and continue to learn about how important infection prevention is in everything we do. Overall, I love working at PDI!

Q. How has your perspective of PDI changed since you joined the company?
Ziman: I learned the crucial role PDI plays in the fight to stop the spread of preventable infections and how valuable PDI is to have as an infection prevention partner, especially during the COVID-19 era. When I first started, I was doing my best to get up to speed on becoming more familiar with the industry and how PDI fit into it—I did not initially realize how significant of an impact PDI has on the healthcare space and literally saving people’s lives. But through my experience working at PDI for the past two years,  I have witnessed how vital the work is that we do and how our products, education, and support are crucial in all of our lives daily in staying healthy and safe while in a healthcare facility. That, in addition to meeting so many people, either family, friends, or those in passing, who either work with or are familiar with PDI has further added to my understanding of how prevalent, well-liked, and trusted PDI is in healthcare, as well as the stellar reputation the company has. I am proud to be a part of the PDI Family!