Associate Spotlight – Chuck Speight

Division: PDI Corporate. Department: Human Resources. February 1, 2021
Chuck Speight - HR - Senior Director, Talent Management

Learn more about Chuck Speight, Senior Director, Talent Management and his experiences working as part of the Human Resources team.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your role at PDI?

Speight: My primary role is to work with business leaders to help develop the talent they currently have, while also identifying the talent they might need in the future to support the organization’s growth. Additionally, I create and execute programs, like the Management Development Program, to support the development of our PDI associates.

Q. What does “Be the Difference” mean to you?

Speight: I work with an amazing group of people at PDI who believe in the vision that individually we can all be the difference in people’s lives.  That vision continues to make a positive impact on the lives of the people who use our products and solutions.  It is one of the many reasons why I come to work every day.

Q. What has been your favorite project / program that you have been able to work on while at PDI?

Speight: Working with such talented Human Resources (HR) professionals who are viewed as partners with business leadership and associates, across PDI, and providing valued services in driving personal and business growth.

Q. Can you provide some insights on your team dynamics / working relationships with colleagues?

Speight: The dynamics within the HR team are productivity, transparency, and always being open to differing opinions and approaches to ensure we provide value to the business.   The working relationship with colleagues across the company has always been aligned around providing world-class products and services to our customers.

Q. What is your favorite memory from working at PDI?

Speight: My favorite memory is the continuous support of organizations such as Meals on Wheels and United Way of Rockland County. Our employees are dedicated to giving time, money, and resources to support the communities we work in.

Q. How long have you been with PDI and why have you decided to stay with the company?

Speight: I have been with PDI for a little over 7 years.   I have stayed with the company because it is wonderful to work for a company that makes a difference in so many people’s lives.   Additionally, I love the people I work with and the work I do.

Q. How has the company evolved since you joined?

Speight: The company has grown every year since I have been here.   Every year we become more sophisticated in our processes, people, and technology to compete in our industry.   We are growing and becoming the best at what we do and are poised to win big against our competitors.