Contract Pharma Magazine: Wet Wipes Increased Prevalence in Drug Development

Categories: Articles October 20, 2020
PDI Contract Manufacturing Article from John Waddell October 2020

John Waddell, Business Development Director (Pharma), PDI Contract Manufacturing, recently published an article, Wet Wipes Increased Prevalence in Drug Development, in Contract Pharma magazine. The article discusses the evolution of wipes and highlights the clinical and patient and provider-oriented benefits for wipes in the topical prescription drug market.

Excerpt from article: Patient preference and convenience are two key growth drivers for wet wipes in drug development. Recent market research conducted by AYTM market research concluded that two out of three patients prefer wet wipes to traditional topical creams, ointments, lotions, or gels.  The majority of all patients agreed with all of the following statements:

  • Wipes allow for more targeted, localized drug delivery with less potential for side effects;
  • Individual packages for each wipe are more convenient and preferable to large tubes or jars;
  • Wipes are a more discrete, portable packaging for use outside of your home;
  • Application with wipes allows better limitation of application only to the area where the medicine is needed; and
  • Wipes are less messy and less likely to spread to unwanted areas or get on clothes, etc.

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