PDI Supports Volunteer Counseling Service 17th Annual Golf Outing as Lead Sponsor

Categories: Corporate & Events August 21, 2021

Thank you to all the PDI Associates who attended the Volunteer Counseling Services of Rockland 2021 Golf Outing in support of Child Abuse Prevention programs. VCS, previously called Volunteer Counseling Services of Rockland, has a mission to provide hope and promote social justice for individuals, families, and communities through mental health counseling and community change.  VCS employs a unique combination of professional staff, trained volunteers, and collaborative partnerships to create innovative responses to pressing social needs and issues.  It provides “pay what you can” counseling focused on family-based needs (divorces, alcoholism, batterers, teens with issues, grandparents as primary caregivers, etc.) and many other beneficial services to our community.

Participants: Michael Surovick, David Kushnir, Pinkesh Patel, and Doug Kowalchuk

Participants: Michele Crandall and his foursome

Participants: Jon Kupperman and his foursome