Associate Spotlight: Cody Tekel

Division: PDI Corporate. Department: Building Services. May 9, 2022

Learn more about Cody Tekel, HVAC Technician, and his experience as part of the Building Services team.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your role at PDI?

Tekel: My role as HVAC Mechanic is to ensure the company’s best interests through the lens of anything climate or comfort related. This means persistently providing first class care to both the heating and air conditioning systems and the employees they serve.

Q. What does “Be the Difference” mean to you?

Tekel: “Be the Difference” means that my efforts have a direct impact on anyone in any of our buildings.  I am constantly analyzing my buildings and equipment with the end goal of producing high caliber solutions. Through superior results, I can create environments which yield increased employee satisfaction and thus bolstered productivity. If everyone’s climate is optimal, they are able to focus on their workload.

Q. Are there any unique / exciting projects you have been able to work on while at PDI?

Tekel: In the summer of 2021, I took charge of a project to rebuild, repair and reconstruct the 20 Rooftop HVAC Systems at the West Nyack Distribution Center. There are two things you should always seek out; responsibility and challenge. This project allowed me to amplify both traits in myself.

Q. What is your favorite memory from working at PDI?

Tekel: Being supported by my entire department as I took on various challenges, sincere recognition for efforts, and inspiration to acquire greater expectations of myself.

Q. Can you provide some insights on your team dynamics / working relationships with colleagues?

Tekel: My team works hard with constant communication and is organically rich in character. If I require assistance or a second opinion, I have a department of exceptional technicians proud to facilitate the completion of any task at hand.

Q. How long have you been with PDI and why have you decided to stay with the company?

Tekel: My 2 year anniversary was just in March! I enjoy the wide range of scenarios which allow me to explore my skillset, and I have been supported both as a Mechanic and an individual since the day I arrived.

Q. How has the company evolved since you joined?

Tekel: The company as a whole is exponentially improving in its daily operations. I feel overall company communication and collaboration have become more common.