Associate Spotlight: Gina Greco

Division: PDI Corporate. Department: Communications. February 1, 2022
Gina Greco, Sr. Specialist, Corporate Communications

Learn more about Gina Greco, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist, and her experience as part of the Corporate Communications team.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your role at PDI?

Greco: As the Senior Digital Marketing Specialist on the Communications team at PDI, I am responsible for developing and executing all external emails, social media posts, and digital marketing materials for the Sani Professional, PDI Healthcare, Tru-D, and Corporate divisions as well as maintaining and improving all of our company websites. I support the Clinical team in their creation of Continuing Education courses, educational blog posts and podcasts, and webinar materials. Additionally, I create marketing collateral to support the sales team’s communication efforts.

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to work with and learn from fellow Associates across all the divisions of PDI. Every day I get the chance to learn something new and hear different perspectives that help me to improve my understanding of our products and ways to bring awareness to them in the market.

Q. What does “Be the Difference” mean to you?

Greco: To me, Be the Difference means doing all that you can to help those around you and improve your surroundings to the best of your abilities. As a PDI Associate, I strongly believe that you can see your contributions make a positive impact on the business and in the communities, we serve with our products. Be the Difference is far more than a saying at PDI, it is a fundamental value that every Associate shares.

Q. What new skills have you learned while working at PDI? How have you developed personally and professionally?

Greco: Since joining PDI, I have had the opportunity to work on a dynamic team full of creative and talented individuals and I can say without a doubt that they have and continue to help me hone my digital marketing skillset. I have gained insight into ways to strengthen email marketing communications to both subscribers and customers, improved my written communication skills through collaboration with the Product Marketing and Clinical team, and broadened my understanding of website design. It has been exciting to learn how to design and execute email marketing campaigns on a variety of platforms and shift brand voices to support our many divisions. As I continue to grow in my career at PDI, I am confident I will continue to learn from the diverse and knowledgeable team around me.

Q. Do you have any interesting hobbies or fun facts you could share? (personal or work-related)

Greco: Outside of work, I spend a lot of my time cooking and spending time with my lively Italian family. I am a bit of a bookworm and enjoy a wide range of genres, my favorite being fiction. When I am not with my family, I spend my time hiking, rock climbing, and practicing yoga.

Q. What impact do you feel your function has had on the industry, particularly during COVID?

Greco: I feel that my position has helped to bring awareness to the helpful COVID-19 resources we offer to Infection Preventionist. The Clinical team at PDI is constantly developing internal and external resources such as blogs, Continuing Education courses, podcasts, and one-pager to enforce CDC guidelines and provide insight into the new infection prevention techniques to protect patients and staff. As a member of the communications team, my role has been to review each resource, list it across our COVID-19 resource center, and amplify it across email and our social channels for awareness and exposure.

Q. What made you decide to join PDI?

Greco: I was drawn to my position at PDI because of how the pandemic impacted my life and the lives of those around me. I wanted to find a way to make a difference and contribute my skill set to a company that had a mission of helping people. After interviewing with the Communications team at PDI and Tru-D, I knew that working at PDI would be a valuable experience for me and provide me the opportunity to learn from a talented group of individuals. It has been an enlightening experience to learn about the science behind our products and the true impact we have on the healthcare and foodservice industries. Every day I learn something new from both my team and the teams that I have had the opportunity to collaborate with.

Q. How has your perspective of PDI changed since you joined the company?

Greco: When I started in my position on the Communications team, I supported only the PDI Healthcare organization. As the role and responsibilities of my team expanded, my view of the PDI was broadened as I began to understand just how many lives our products touch both in the hospital and in the restaurant setting. I am constantly learning new information about UVC technology and surface disinfection best practices from our team. As I grow with PDI, I look forward to seeing the business expand into new and existing markets and continue to make a positive impact across the U.S.