Associate Spotlight: Jesse Wolkiewicz

Division: Sani Professional. Department: Sales. March 14, 2022
Jesse Wolkiewicz, Sani Professional, Sales

Learn more about Jesse Wolkiewicz and his experience as part of the Sani Professional team.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your role at PDI?

Wolkiewicz: As the Key Account Manager for Boston/New England my role is to maintain, establish and secure long-term partnerships with customers and distributers across all channels of food service. My main responsibility is to demonstrate that Sani Professional products are the best choice for food safety and cleaning protocols. The ultimate goal is to become the trusted advisor in this product category.

Q. What does “Be the Difference” mean to you?

Wolkiewicz: Each day PDI challenges us to “Be the Difference” above and beyond our daily work contributions. At PDI/Sani Professional we are encouraged to make an impact with a wide range of initiatives in our communities throughout the year. Providing meals to healthcare workers and holiday support to a local special needs program are examples of what “Be the Difference” means to me.

Q. Can you provide some insights on your team dynamics/working relationships with colleagues?

Wolkiewicz: Our Sani Professional team while small in numbers works extremely well together to accomplish great things. When challenged, we share ideas, strategies and best practices to meet our goals. From marketing, to customer care, leadership and sales we have developed relationships that have allowed us to succeed individually and as a team.

Q. What has been your favorite project/program that you have been able to work on while at PDI?

Wolkiewicz: I would have to say that working with the Sani Pro team to develop the best practices and protocols for partnering with Broadline distributers has been the most rewarding.  My background as a Distributer Sales Rep prior to coming to Sani Pro allowed me to provide substantial insight and perspective throughout the project.

Q. What is your favorite memory from working at PDI?

Wolkiewicz: My favorite memory is the Sani Professional Sales Rally in New Jersey.  It was great being able to be with the full team from across the country and getting to know everyone better. The trip to New York City and the Chelsea Market Food Tour was a highlight of the event

Q. How long have you been with PDI and why have you decided to stay with the company?

Wolkiewicz: I have been with PDI just under four years.  I have stayed with the company because I truly love what I do, I couldn’t ask to be part of a better team and I strongly support the mission and vision of the company. The future of PDI/Sani Pro will be exciting and I look forward to being a part of it.

Q. How has the company evolved since you joined?

Wolkiewicz: In the time that I have been at Sani Professional it has been great to see the expanded investment PDI has made in Food Safety.  The renewed support demonstrates the commitment being made to ensure that Sani Professional will have all the tools needed to continue to thrive and grow.