Associate Spotlight – Jorge Tello

Division: PDI Corporate. Department: Customer Care. September 7, 2021

Learn more about Jorge Tello, Data Compiler Specialist, and his experiences as part of the Customer Care Team!

Q. Can you tell us a little about your role at PDI?

Tello: My job title is Data Compiler Specialist – I gather data, and then review and analyze it before it is published as a broader report. These reports are distributed to our internal Sales, Marketing Directors, Product Managers, Finance, and Operations Management on a daily, weekly semi-monthly and monthly basis.

Q. What does “Be the Difference” mean to you?

Tello: “Be the Difference” means to me making an impact on the community. It’s knowing that your service and hard work can change someone’s life or the community for the better. I was a Rec Soccer coach for many years. I gave my players confidence to accept the loss and talk about how we could improve as a team. I talked to many of them and cheered them on when their parents were not present for games. Still to this day, I meet them around town, and they greet me with a big smile and a “Hello Mr. Tello.”

Q. What new skills have you learned while working at PDI? How have you developed personally and professionally?

Tello: I have taught myself many of the new enhancements in Excel. I can now provide management with different types of reporting to better understand the data / overall information.

Q. Can you provide some insights on your team dynamics / working relationships with colleagues?

Tello: We have one of the best team dynamics. Our [Customer Care] team has open and honest discussions, sharing our thoughts, ideas, and opinions. With our mangers’ guidance and support creating this culture is one of the fundamental foundations to our team’s success.

Q. How long have you been with PDI and why have you decided to stay with the company?

Tello: I have been with PDI for 9 years. I enjoy my teammates and mangers. We support each other and ensure that we work together to meet our goals. Our team works hard but also takes the time to celebrate successes.  PDI has provided me with an opportunity to grow and learn the business. It is a company that cares about its employees and recognizes how hard we work.