PDI WEN Steering Committee Celebrates International Women's Day

Categories: Articles, Corporate & In the News March 8, 2022

In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) PDI sat down with the Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN) steering committee to discuss what International Women’s Day means to them, and how PDI supports its associates in their focus on women’s empowerment and progression, and how the WEN program impacts PDI Associates.  WEN is an employee resource group at PDI which aims to help create an inclusive environment that supports and encourages all PDI associates, in particular women, to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, collaboration, and discussion.

Cheryl A. Moran Senior Director Corporate Strategy & Business Development

To me, IWD is a day to celebrate women and call awareness of the fact that there are still inequities and biases that stem from gender. Women across the globe – and even just across the hall — continue to be bound by stereotypes, and experience incidents of bias on a regular basis. IWD marks an opportunity to open the dialogue, have the conversations, and drive change toward a more inclusive environment where everyone – and this includes all marginalized groups, not just women — can feel comfortable, and everyone can thrive.

PDI Women’s Empowerment Network is our opportunity to bring this message to the local level. It sounds incredibly daunting to “change the world”, and how would you even start to take that on? But if you were to break that down to a more manageable goal, let’s start with affecting change in our local community, which is PDI. WEN is providing a platform for PDI associates – not just women by the way – to advance their professional skills, network with senior leaders, and get involved in a way that will help them grow and develop. The group is incredibly collaborative and supportive, and I am really enjoying being connected with my WEN colleagues. We have a group of sponsors and advisors from senior leaders who are equally committed to this purpose, so the program is very well supported. The Women’s Empowerment Network is intended to provide content and resources to help you feel empowered to take charge of your professional development and growth. We have a great year planned for 2022, including some fantastic learning and networking events and the launch of our mentoring program. We will also have opportunities to serve the community in a charitable way, which helps those in need and helps feed the soul.

Megha Patel  Associate Director, Upstream Marketing

International Women’s day is a great opportunity to not only recognize the achievements and strides made towards equity but is also a fantastic platform for driving meaningful dialogue and actions to continue that work. Biases, stereotypes, inequities still exist; IWD provides a call to action for committing ourselves to accelerate women’s equality.  This year’s break the bias theme resonates with me as it aims to focus on how we can work together to march towards an environment free of bias and one that is more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Through WEN, we have the ability to highlight and celebrate the achievements of women, but to also have a platform that allows for impactful discussions and actions to make positive changes in our immediate environment. WEN is a resource group for PDI associates, not just women, that offers the ability to grow our professional skills, network with associates and leaders within the organization, and be engaged in relevant topics/events that drive towards women’s equality.  One such event was a panel discussion in 2021 which navigated the topic of Unconscious Bias and how to recognize it, manage through it when experiencing it.  It’s been fantastic to see the growth and support from leaders and associates across PDI for WEN and to work with colleagues on the steering committee who are dedicated to driving the mission and goals of WEN. WEN is a resource group focused on driving equity and inclusion and provides opportunities for professional and personal development, discussion, and action towards that goal. The events, programs, and resources provided by WEN are great assets for PDI associates to grow, and be empowered to drive change for themselves and the organization in a positive way. 

Alice Brewer, Senior Director, Clinical Affairs

For me, International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate the achievements of women around the world, recognize the strides that have been made in equity and inclusion, and bring awareness to the work that still needs to be done. It is an opportunity to have conversations about what we as individuals, communities, and organizations can do better to empower women and level the playing field for everyone. This year’s theme of #BreaktheBias is a reminder not to classify or judge anyone by the ways in which they are different but recognize them for their achievements and contributions.

Support for the Women’s Empowerment Network is an increasingly visible means of promoting gender equality at PDI, but since joining the team here I have been impressed by the number of extremely accomplished women in very visible roles doing great work for our customers and their patients. Investment in WEN helps to promote that culture and further expand on it. I’m honored to be able to assist with that effort and I love getting to work with some of the smartest, most fun, and hard-working women in the business! I think we are just beginning to see the impact that WEN can have on associates. Already it is creating an environment of increased connection to leadership and providing resources and opportunities for associates to grow personally and professionally. I think the work that WEN is doing demonstrates to both current and potential associates that PDI cares about equity and diversity in its workforce and is “walking the walk”. I can’t wait to see what further impact WEN can have as we begin our 2022 programming and launch the Mentoring Program later this month.

James E. Townsend Creative Services Director, Corporate Communications

International Women’s Day is a celebration of how women have made a positive impact and led great change to many of our cultural, political, and socioeconomic advancements throughout the world. Being the father of two amazing, intelligent, confident daughters I am proud to see them flourish into the fine young women they are with set goals to make a positive impact on the world. Nothing has ever held them back and I have always supported them to set aspiring goals and don’t let anything, or anyone, stop them from achieving them. From the time they were babies until they reached their teenage years (“…because Dad I am not a baby anymore…I know what to do!”) I told them every night, “You are strong. You are beautiful. You are smart. And you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!”

PDI WEN is the main driver in helping to support women’s empowerment and progression. Its membership has grown to over 100 members since 2020! The programs and events that PDI WEN has planned for 2022 are going to celebrate women’s achievements, provide opportunities for professional development/training and further develop a support group of highly engaged female associates that are motivated to advance their skills and leadership potential. PDI WEN is an extremely enthusiastic, focused, inspiring group and I am honored and humbled to be part of the steering committee! It is great to see the interest in the network and all the amazing support the PDI Leadership Team gives. We even have members from Nice-Pak and Tru-D!


Jenna Conner Director of Regional Sales

WEN is a big step I’m proud to be a part of. However, I think women are empowered in themselves already here at PDI.  We have many of the brightest, most talented, and strong women I’ve ever worked with here already.   I get to work with them on a daily basis, so we’ve got to be doing something right, right?  The best part is WEN will only help strengthen and mainly highlight what we’ve got going on that’s so great in the women that work here in the first place!  Though still in its infancy, it is inspiring to see the effort behind all that is WEN and the development of content and programs that can impact our associates. I’m most excited to see how our mentorship program will grow and blossom.  I see it as a milestone culturally that can continue to connect leadership to associates, of which both parties can learn and grow.  WEN is only just beginning, the sky is the limit as to how our associates will be impacted!