New resource group formed by PDI associates for PDI associates!

Categories: Articles December 3, 2020
Women Empowerment Network Logo

The Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN) is a new employee resource group at PDI which aims to help create an inclusive environment that supports and encourages all PDI associates, in particular women, to advance their skills and leadership potential through connection, mentorship, collaboration and discussion.

Megha Patel, Senior Product Manager, and a WEN Steering Team member answered some questions for PDI:

Why was this group formed?

“We are passionate about making a difference to help amplify the profile of PDI women internally and externally. WEN was founded to enable PDI associates to develop and grow into higher-level roles, enhance the culture of the organization, and to promote a feeling of community and engagement.  This valuable resource group offers professional development and networking opportunities, via events and various programs.”

 What do you hope WEN members will get out of the program?

“The goal of this program is to empower people by focusing on professional development and advancement. We also address health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, retention, and community awareness. One of the professional development programs we are excited about is the mentorship program – which is really a partnership that pairs associates, who are early in their career, with organizational leaders, and provides the individuals a learning opportunity through open communication, skill development and relationship building.

Ultimately, members of WEN will learn from each other and be able to apply those skills to both their professional career and personal life.”

Who is eligible to participate?

“Although the group name suggests only women, membership is actually open to all – both women and men – employed at PDI and Nice-Pak. This group is about inclusion, so we encourage everyone to get involved!”

Meet the team who formed this important initiative!

PDI Women Empowerment Network

(from Left to Right, Top to Bottom)

  • Candice Taylor, Core Team Leader, Research and Development
  • Megha Patel, Senior Product Manager, Environment of Care
  • Kathy O’Sullivan, Sr. Director, Regulatory Affairs
  • Cheryl Moran, Sr. Director, Corporate Strategy and Business Development
  • Ellie Angelis, Director, Customer Experience
  • Jennifer Marsh, Vice President, National Accounts (not pictured)
  • Ryan Herbert, Vice President, Sales (not pictured)